Dry ingredients


Palm Sugar

Palm Sugar from the Palmyra Palm: The word in Thai for Sugar is Namdtan - ‘Water of the Palmyra palm’ and this amazing sugar is from traditional hand harvested Palmyra, or Sugar, Palm.

Kaffir Lime

How to use these leaves... In Thai cooking 2/3 leaves are added whole to wet dishes like green or red curry and Tom Yum soup.


In curries and soups this dried lemongrass can be added directly to the pot for added flavour and that wonderful citrus fragrance.


Although not native to Thailand, Thai cuisine has certainly made the best use of the humble chili since arrival. The more chili you eat, the higher your tolerance.?


For use in stir fries the Galangal pieces should be rehydrated by steeping in warm water for five minutes prior to slicing finely across the grain.

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